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a_007Sheila has always written, at the age of five she finished her first three page novel.

Her first full novel, Simple Truths, was published by Crown Publishing. A second edition, published by First Edition Design Publishing is now available on and Barnes and Noble. It is the story of the struggle of a child of the holocaust and a famous Russian-Jewish  pianist who is trying to emigrate from the Soviet Union in the ’70’s- when Soviet Jewry was a major objective for the American Jewish Community.

Her second novel, Musical Chairs, has just been published and is available on and Barnes and Noble. Musical Chairs is the story of two women, vying for the Democratic nomination for Senate in New York. Each of them has a secret, which if known, could mean not just the end of their current competition  but the end of their careers. This is the story of how these two women achieved their success, their life,loves and their secrets. How they react when they discover each other secrets, the new politics where everything is fair game, is a subject Sheila knows well – she was a political consultant for many  years.

Until a couple years ago, Sheila wrote a series called “Living and Working” about Island life on a small island, Vieques, where she lives. These were published in the island magazine, and on the enchanted-isle website.

Sheila Levin has worked as a professional in the Jewish community for many years. As the Public Information Officer of the National Conference on Soviet Jewry, she was a member of the press corps on the Nixon­/Kissinger trip to the Soviet Union in the late ’70’s. As Director of the movement to free the famed ballet dancers, Valery and Galina Panov, while visiting them in Leningrad, Sheila was detained by the KGB.

Sheila also served as the Executive Director of the Women’s Division of the UJA and as the Vice President for External Affairs of Polytechnic University. Following her years of service to the Jewish community, she became a political consultant, whose clients included Elizabeth Holtzman, Carolyn Maloney and President Vincente Fox( Mexico), among many others.

In addition to owning Vieques Fine Properties, Sheila is a practicing therapist having earned her MSW atthe Hunter School of Social Work in 1988. Sheila has three children, and five grand children. Her daughter, Alison Woods,  is a poet, named Women Poet Of The Year,  a few years ago, and at least two of her grandchildren show great promise as writers.