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Judge’s Commentary*:

MUSICAL CHAIRS, by Sheila Levin, is a well-written, riveting novel about the scheming, lying and secrets of people involved in the Washington, D.C. political arena. The story focuses on two fascinating women who are on the same political side, and who face off with each other in the primary race for a U.S Senate seat. The character development is very well done with the description of the book’s characters minutely outlined, and the reader learns of their hopes and dreams, their disappointments and their lusts, and their multiple sexual encounters. The author has a background as a political consultant and member of the press corps and her writing ability demonstrates that experience. While the characterization was excellent, I had more difficulty with the plot development. Ms. Levin spent ample time explaining the history and characteristics of each person before the plot developed. As an interested reader eager to learn about Washington politics, etc., I thought that part progressed too slowly. However, that problem did not keep me from enjoying the book while learning about the lives of the characters as well as their sexual escapades. The book ended before the conclusion of the primary race, and we never learn who won or lost. Perhaps there is a sequel in the future when we will read more of the lives of these two women.

“Judge, 23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Book Awards.


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