• Knowing (A Short Story)

    Knowing (A Short Story)

    Knowing is a A Short Story by Sheila Levin which eventually became one of the chapters in her newest book”Musical Chairs”
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  • 4 Star Review – by Dean Anderson

    4 Star Review – by Dean Anderson

    Some good old fashioned Barabara Carland romanitc schmaltz
    Imagine starting with the kinds of critical insights that characterized Theodore H. Read More…

  • 5 Star Review Amazon – by NYJAZZMAN

    5 Star Review Amazon – by NYJAZZMAN

    Roberta Palmer is a gorgeous former high fashion model, married to David, a successful, wealthy US Senator. He has just now passed away, and Roberta is tapped by the Governor to finish out David’s term of office. She is now thrust into the world of high stakes politics and must cope with her radically changed life.
    This is how Sheila Levin’s brilliant novel, Musical Chairs, begins. Read More…