• New Book Released…Thanks!

    New Book Released…Thanks!

    You probably have no idea how much a kind word, a gentle smile means to the solitary writer ­ it is everything!
    Before I choke up totally, I want to say “thanks” to so many of you who encouraged and supported me. You “reviewers” will receive your e-­books in a week or two, but in the meanwhile, Musical Chairs is now available for purchase on Amazon. Read More…

  • My First Blog Post

    My First Blog Post

    I’m not at all sure blogging is a natural act. Any more than shouting into an empty theatre or howling at the wind makes any sense. But I am taking it on faith that by joining the world of bloggers, I am giving myself an outlet for a variety of thought, deeds and acts – and will eventually find an audience who will share my ideas or even better despise them and let me know about it. Read More…