My First Blog Post

My First Blog Post


I’m not at all sure blogging is a natural act. Any more than shouting into an empty theatre or howling at the wind makes any sense. But I am taking it on faith that by joining the world of bloggers, I am giving myself an outlet for a variety of thought, deeds and acts – and will eventually find an audience who will share my ideas or even better despise them and let me know about it.

This first blog post is about what is on my mind all the time – my new novel coming out. It i called Musical Chairs and, although I usually deny it, it has been almost ten years in the works. It should be a tome of thousands of pages, but while not a slim volume, it is just a regular book.

It is my second novel, which excludes me from the dreaded “one book author” category, which has been much on my mind. It is about two women vying for the Senate primary in new York, their life; their loves and their secrets. A long time ago, I worked as Finance Director for a woman candidate for Senate, although this book has nothing at all to do with that experience. It does have a lot to do with politics, with secrets, with men and women striving to integrate love into their daily lives and sometimes even into their marriages.

I think it is pretty well written, but perhaps all writers think that. I am scared, very scared that it will fall like silent snowflakes onto a landscape already deeply covered in the snows of years of mid range books, even some great books, and simply sink through that covered ground, until it is quickly buried. Oh, I hope not.

I know the mechanics of today’s world of books does not favor me. I am no one, just another scribbler with an OK vocabulary and a better than OK way with words.

My new book, Musical Chairs, is due for release in a few weeks.  At the same time, my publisher will also be releasing a new edition of my  first book, Simple Truths.  Both books will be available in the physical and digital formats.  Please follow this blog for the book updates.

Please buy the book, I don’t think you will be disappointed and it is not very expensive and it would seriously make my day.