New Book Released…Thanks!

New Book Released…Thanks!

You probably have no idea how much a kind word, a gentle smile means to the solitary writer ­ it is everything!

Before I choke up totally, I want to say “thanks” to so many of you who encouraged and supported me. You “reviewers” will receive your e-­books in a week or two, but in the meanwhile, Musical Chairs is now available for purchase on, and Barnes and Noble.

We’re up against nearly 4 million books published every year ­ well, now it is 4 million plus one. Please ­ read the description below. If you like it, please purchase the book and share it with your friends and family…pass it on… help me beat the odds.

is a headline I yearn to see!

Musical Chairs_201

Musical Chairs

In a high-­stakes game of musical chairs, there can be only one winner. Roberta Palmer, newly widowed supermodel and Marcia Baker, New York congresswoman are getting ready for the fight of their lives: both are running against each other in the primary for the democratic candidate of the NY senate race. Marcia’s ex-­lover, Jake Rubin and Roberta’s step­daughter, Joan Palmer both hold secrets that could mean political suicide for both women. As the secrets threaten to surface which woman will be left standing when the music draws to a close?


Now Available on  and Barnes and Noble