Knowing (A Short Story)

Knowing (A Short Story)


Knowing is a A Short Story by Sheila Levin which eventually became one of the chapters in her newest book”Musical Chairs”

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Bringing to your attention, the new column by my friend Bill Curry in Salon


Bill Curry was White House counselor to President Clinton and a two-time Democratic nominee for governor of Connecticut. He is at work on a book on President Obama and the politics of populism.everyone,



Today I begin a weekly column in It’s a great chance to be part of a national conversation about where we’re headed now and how we might head someplace better. Thanks to all who have shared ‘shared’, ‘liked’, ‘tweeted’ or otherwise linked to my work there in the last few months. Please continue to share ones you like with others and share your thoughts with me, so that I don’t run out of ideas by mid- February.


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He’s an original!

4 Star Review – by Dean Anderson

Some good old fashioned Barabara Carland romanitc schmaltz

MC Review_101Imagine starting with the kinds of critical insights that characterized Theodore H. White’s “Making of the President” series from 1960 to 1972, and adding some fictional dramatics of the sort that Allen Drury employed in his political novels (especially the Pulitzer Prize winning “Advise and Consent), and then augment that mix with some post-Freudian internal monologues, some good old fashioned Barbara Cartland romantic schmaltz, and finally a pinch of Larry Flint for heat. That only begins to suggest the kind of novel Sheila Levin has written here. That the main story line pits two strong women, and their respective campaign teams, against each other, vying for nomination to run for high office, only adds to the interest and timeliness of “Musical Chairs.” Look for this one to get made into a fascinating motion picture, and have fun imagining which Hollywood stars would best match the book’s many well-drawn, true-to-life (and therefore often deeply flawed) characters.