Political Consultants Offer Early Review of Musical Chairs

Political Consultants Offer Early Review of Musical Chairs

 Following are the early reviews from well known political consultants.

MC Review_101“Wonderful. Levin has written a political novel as deft and cunning as any politician. As well as she knows that game, she’s even shrewder about love and lust, family and friendship, the faces we put on and the mysteries we remain. She reminds us of the suffering in every scandal, especially that of the hapless unfortunates who share their lives with the boldfaced names. Here the personal and the political truly are one.”

Bill Curry
Counselor to President Clinton

We all see negative ads in political campaigns but rarely consider how they affect the people involved — the targets and the attacker alike. This human drama takes the transaction off the air waves and integrates it into a flesh and blood story of two candidates battling their fears, worries about their past. and each other. It is not just behind the scenes in a campaign. The book takes you inside the heads of the candidates and their consultants to show you what these campaigns cost all the participants.

Dick Morris
Author and Political Consultant


In this sexy, sensitive and observant novel, Levin, who knows politics, – and knows the motivations and hopes and fears that politicians often have, writes a mystery story against the background of two women competing for the Democratic primary for the Senate from New York. For a realistic, passionate and page turning experience, read Musical Chairs.

Roy Occhiogrosso
Managing Director, Global Strategy Group


Musical Chairs

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